•An interest driven, purely organic, professional development opportunity that encourages true professional dialogue

•A gathering of motivated and intelligent educators from a range of content areas and grade levels

•A series of sessions that may explore an Arts Integration strategy, technology tool, a discussion of best practices, or a collaborative presentation focused on current issues

•An opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer sharing, and to make professional connections

•A focus on how we use Arts Integration to enhance learning experiences


•Everyone has the opportunity to share professional knowledge

•Together we shape the content and outcomes of the conference

•You can show off a project, a technique, a tool, or a neat trick

•You can lead a discussion on a current issue


•What role does Arts Integration play in schools today? Tomorrow?

•How are we preparing students for work and citizenship in the modern world?

•What exactly should we be teaching students and when?

•What are you curious about?


•EdCampAI is F-R-E-E.

•Lunch - Generously provided for participants by the Anne Arundel County Arts Council


•Yourself and your ideas and questions

•Your favorite wireless device will allow you to view running comments on Twitter, take notes, review apps, and view websites discussed throughout the day

•Optional - a poster of sample ideas/work that you have used for Arts Integration within your classroom or school.

Visit our website (__http://edcampai.wikispaces.com__) and click on the Register Now button to reserve your space. Registration is limited.



•Send questions to __Susan Riley__